Prof. Dr. Andreas Hufnagel welcomes you to his private neurological and psychiatric practice in the heart of Düsseldorf, Germany.

In his practice, he is able to diagnose and treat all neurological and psychiatric diseases according to the most advanced international standards. In cases of emergency he offers instant help.

His philosophy is: „Healthy body and healthy mind“.

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Within the practice Neurologists, Physiotherapists, Psychotherapists and Psychologists provide their specialized professional help for most successful recovery of your disease as a team with an multidisciplinary approach.
In our memory clinic you will recieve training for your memory and other intellectual brain functions with the help of our cognitive training, instructed by psychologists on an individual basis.

For many diseases, in particular nerve and brain lesions, muscle degeneration, vertigo or pain we provide special treatments such as acupuncture, magneto-electrical stimulation, laser treatment, electrical stimulation (TDCS) or injections of Botulinumtoxine.

Professor Hufnagel teaches students at the University of Essen. His private practice is located in the center of Düsseldorf, next to the famous Königsalle. The practice stands out for its international outpatient treatment in a team of medical experts. For international patients he offers a comprehensive medical care program also for other than neurological and psychiatric diseases.


Prof. Dr. A. Hufnagel • Neurologische Privatpraxis
Blumenstraße 11-15 • D- 40212 Düsseldorf • Tel: + 49-211-87638480 •